Living Outside The Box

Living Outside The Box

Do you know what it really means to live outside the box or are you one of those people that say "there isn't a box at all"?

We can't just pretend that there isn't a box, everyone you've ever met has automatically labeled and stuffed you in a box and without intentionally removing yourself from the box with your actions and words you won't grow into the person you've been longing for. 

The truth is most people repeat this phrase all the time without taking any action to fully remove them from the boxes everyone has ever put them in. 

How do you know that you are still living inside a box?

  • You accept the negative things that people say about you; "you should be content that you are making six figures at such a young age and stop asking for more money at your job"
  • You let people with no dreams talk you out of your own dreams. 
  • You think the market is too saturated for you start a business 
  • You say yes to everything, because saying no is disrespectful and unappreciative. 
  • You never want to stand out.
  • You dim your light to avoid coming off as braggy, stuck up or arrogant 
  • You hate your job but you keep going back because you don't think. someone else will hire you. 
  • You are uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. 
  • You don't like taking risks.
  • You believe that everyone must work hard, save money and wait until retirement to enjoy life. 
  • You think taking care of yourself is a luxury you can't afford. 

If you identified with any of these, then its time to get you out of the box. 

You are worthy of the abundance that God has in store for you, all you have to do is believe, and start working. 

Start with identifying what an ideal life of abundance will look like to you, then create a plan to achieve just that.

Grab this free dream life workbook to get started. 


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